About Us

Every initiative has a story behind and we have the same. It was a dream to establish a jewelry business and the turnaround decision was firmly taken in between two people trusting the determination and capabilities of each other.

We first landed with the name, “Piraya”-  is a Persian girl name which means “Adornment”, “Jewels”, “Jewelry”, “Gold”.

Quitting jobs and dwelling all the savings was not easy but – “To reach somewhere we need take the risk of taking leave from the current place”. So we took the flight of our dreams to work for ourselves in our way.

Our Team

“We are TWO but work like TEN “ , from idea to creation we give our all efforts to make it right. Just like Partners for life we are equal partners in our dreams and at work. We have different sets of responsibilities and duties for Piraya.

About the Owner and Founder – Neha Banthia

(Bachelor of Commerce, Professional Competence Course by ICAI and Executive Programme by ICSI)

Experienced in working for various domestic companies and MNCs, widely in the fields of Accounts, Audit, and Financial Services. She takes care of of the Designing, Accounts and Financial management in the firm.

About the Manager – Paras Banthia

(Bachelor of Commerce, Masters in Commerce and Masters in Business Administration in the field of marketing by SMU)

Experienced in working as an International Marketing Manager with SEZ Companies for more than 6 Years. He takes care of Marketing and Manufacturing management in the firm.

Message from Owner:

Passion to work out of the Comfort Zone will surely lead us to the ladder of success…

Creativity is far bigger than this universe and serves none other than ourselves…

– Neha Banthia